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Whether you are seeking Children's books or fiction for Adults, you will find something to suit every taste on this web site.

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If you know the West Country have a look at "Watchers in the Rocks", set exclusively in Devon, and "Dangerous Friends" which ends up in that county after travelling through a variety of intriguing parallel universes.

Those familiar with the Thames Valley might like to look at "Waters Edge".

Visitors to that lovely area of Switzerland around the Lake of Geneva will find many familiar places in "A simple Act of Kindness" or "The Return of the Devil".

Whilst "The Jigsaw" won't be familiar territory to anyone- being set in a fantasy land - you will enjoy this humorous satire on the vagaries of a federation remarkably similar to the European Union, in a book described as a 'mix of Spike Milligan, Lewis Carroll and Mervyn Peak!'

If you suffer from lack of time, have a look at our collection of short stories "Light and Dark" encompassing a wide range of ten minute tales from the humorous to the sinister.

There is free delivery on all orders, and in addition the book will be signed by the author.

Opportunities with Cadenza Press
Over the next two years we will be adding more fiction titles. If you are an author, why not read one of our books and if you feel your work would fit into our portfolio contact with a maximum 20 line synopsis of your story.

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The Watchers in the Rocks
A terrified boy hides a strange key under James' dinghy before drowning, pursued by angry unearthly seagulls. The key which has immense powers.....
A Simple Act of Kindness
The 6 day war. The release of Sergeant Pepper. New ideas, new values, new morals. It is the summer of 1967...
Dangerous Friends
The all powerful Parallex Corporation has developed Glimmer booths - enabling citizens to travel freely between Parallel worlds...
Light and Dark: A collection of short stories
A collection of over 40 short stories split into two sections, ‘Light’ and 'Dark'...
The Jigsaw: An Eppi Scopali Novel
Dwarves, goblins, wizards and homicidal megalomaniacs. The normal run of the mill residents that should make Eppi Scopali a pretty ordinary.....
The Return of the Devil
Peter Williams, a failing English writer, is in Leysin, Switzerland, to research another novel, his last chance to save his career and marriage...
Water's Edge
When Rat estate agent Sam arrives at the house of field mice Mandy and Joseph and brazenly tells them their home is being sold.....
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